Powerflush In Ashford Kent

Having your system Powerflushed will not only ensure all you Radiators get Hot, but will reduce your fuel Bill and extend the life of your Boiler

Here are a few pictures of the equiptment we will use to flush and chemicaly treat your system, And the  typical amount of black iron sludge

Deposits which will be removed during the process



An Annual Service is recommended to keep you heating system burning and operating correctly  , It will highlight any potential faults so you can correct them before a breakdown or more importantly  and dangerous situation occurs 

 A Sedbuk Rating Provided And Potential Upgrade Saving

It covers boiler/ burner safety checks, all  combustion seals   A Performance test to evaluate correct fuel burning  and control operational check  , also we can check radiators valves and your pump and advise of  any defects or noted problems

a filter check/clean/renewal   Nozell clean   Tiger Loop if fitted check  fire valve check and  a boiler  vaccume


Home purchase report



Radiators Valves

Thermostatic Radiator Valves Fitted

Hot Water Tanks

Immersion Heaters

Water Storage Tanks